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I'm not sure if this thread is too old to post to. If it is I'm sorry, but I just finished Mass Effect and did a search for threads and it came up with this one. It took me almost 70 hours to complete ME, but I completed every side mission and quest I could find. I believe there were only two side missions that I missed and I finished at level 50.

I absolutely loved everything about this game. I'm big on story and character development and this game just had it all. I imagine if you stuck straight to the story it would be pretty quick. I wanted to max out my character before continuing in the story so I had pretty much completed every task by the time I went to Vermire. The last 15 hours or so of gameplay was the main story and I was pretty bad a** by that point so I was able to plow through everything in sight. I can't wait until ME2.
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I think ME would have been a much greater game had they skipped the middle part. Much much shorter yes, but that would still improve the game. The middle part was computer generated copy & paste content, which is the game equivalent of plastic. I prefer quality over quantity.

While ME is great when it comes to graphics and story, everything else, gameplay, character system, inventory system etc, were quite bad for Bioware. The character system was dumbed down, showing Bioware either don't know how to build a RPG system (they previously licensed D&D or d20) or made the game specifically for an American audience. The weapon system were as simple as a RPG can be, and the inventory system were worse than Ultima I. I had to use a paper and a pencil on the side to keep track of it. The combat was just a watered down version of any shooter.
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