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Default davidcage interview

He points out out many things to many i agree, i had same problems with PC

and against no sex/nudity in games

i didn't know rule of rose was such big scandal

There is lot to talk about, games as toys, present games are more teenage crap than actual sincere effort.

BTW he sounds much more positive towards PS3, supporting it all the way

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Originally Posted by nomadsoul View Post
i didn't know rule of rose was such big scandal
I knew T____T I watched this game ever since the official japanese website was released, I even started a petition to release an english version since there were rumours it wouldn't be done.
That didn't go too well... But everything seemed to go okay anyway-- Atlus released it in the US, the date for the EU release had been hinted out... I tried really hard not to spoil myself but I couldn't help myself from watching atleast the images on a forum that had the special costumes you could get after completing the game once.

...and then... just.... ugh.... Friggin crap. D:

...ANYWAY. Enough of that, back to the subject; thanks for the link!
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I disagree with a lot with what Mr Cage says in this interview and I think his comments particularly about videos as opposed to films is incredibly hypocritical if Fahrenheit is anything to go by. He goes on about being inspired by film, not copying, and yet Fahrenheit is, IMO, one of the most derivative videogames to heavily immitate films ever. And it simply didn't have the spark that the Metal Gear Solid series had.

I also disagree with his views on realism. I've always said it doesn't matter whether something's realistic, only if it's believable. Cage seems to think that better graphics = more belief and involvement. However, I was emotional to the characters in Psychonauts than Fahrenheit. Broken Sword is still in my top 3 videogames for its story and involving characters, and that's a 2D, cartoon adventure contending with games more than 10 years since.

He's expressing his feelings too soon also. He's arguing his points even before he's got a successfull game to prove them/ back them up. Sure, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but David Cage just comes off as another one of these University types who're constantly trying to prove they're clever with big words.

Anyway, this interview is all part of his advertising campaign for Heavy Rain. But I'll be getting a PS3 soon enough, and my money's going on Brutal Legend or Little Big Planet, not Heavy Rain.

That being said, I'm thankful with his views on censorship and Rule of Rose.
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