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Originally Posted by aries323 View Post
As for Lionheart, I think this could have been a really great game, if it hadn't been for the annoying, hard & frustrating combat. I have tried both the demo & the full game. I have troubles fighting the bees? in the game. There were way too many of them for a level 1 character.
I think you point out the difficulty a lot of people seem to have with Lionheart. Despite its surface similarities to Diablo and its clones, the combat IS difficult and there IS (albeit very little) strategy to be found here. Right from the start. There's no real grace learning period. I think anyone who enjoyed progressing in Diablo 2 and felt at home with the nightmare and hell modes of that would be fine with Lionheart.

At the start I tried quite a few builds just to see which I would enjoy playing and I didn't have any trouble with the wolves. One character had a bit of trouble with the bees but that was because I ran straight into a bunch of them and had no ability or supplies to deal with that yet.

I was rather enjoying myself, and the difficulty of the game.... till I met Joan of Arc. I love her as a character in other works so it was a bit of a let down how they depict her in this game (chainmail bikini. As in stockings and panties- I'm not kidding)
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Originally Posted by aries323 View Post
... and would just like to add Planescape: Torment to this list ...
Wait, is this not the game that made me start this thread?

Seriously, one of the things I loved about Torment is the very interesting team you end up with. Some of the games in my list do not seem to include a team at all (it seems Vampire doesn't, Anachronox does), that's something to keep in mind. Anyway, I now have research to do, and games to try, for months!
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