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TangentBlack 11-02-2007 04:38 PM

I'm glad you are enjoying Gothic III, Christian. I was a very huge advocate of the series from square one and was extremely excited to play the newest one. The game captured me much more than Oblivion ever did and ever will, but the bugs were a bit too much for it to be considered a masterpiece. A game should not be released with so many glitches, even if the patch is right around the corner. Pity the game crashes on every other computer or I would recommend this to everyone. Regardless, I was glued to the game until the very end and I had quite a challenge along the way. The environs were spectacularly deep and full of treasures to behold. Wasn't it a great feeling when you finally took out your first troll or dragon? That is a feeling that the Gothic series alone can invoke.

MdaG 11-03-2007 11:58 AM

Halo 2 (on my X360)
This game basically improves upon every aspect of the first game. Right now I'm trying to stop the prophet of Truth from reaching his Banshee (or whatever it's called).

ozzie 11-03-2007 03:12 PM

Playing The Dig atm.
Somehow it's one of the least known LA titles and it has the call of being one of their weakest.
I would agree writing-wise. LA was great for humorous games, but this is probably their only attempt at a serious game, and for that it feel a bit like a cheesy science fiction series.
I like it, though. It's very captivating. The machines, inventions and environments of the aliens are interesting to explore.
At some points it feels a bit like Myst in 3rd person. Okay, I never played Myst, but some of the puzzles are certainly similar.

I'm happy to say that I solved the turtles puzzles! Woo!
I needed some tries. And the fossil helped, of course.

But I am stuck now. I opened three of the doors in the Nexus and activated all the railways (crystal puzzle).
Now I have the feeling that I have to catch the rat-something. Maybe because it has the plate? Or I need it for the bats??

Maybe it's a bit off-topic to ask for help.
But, whatever. I put the bolt into place and hung the metal bar on it. I don't why I had to do that, but okay.
Now, I realize that I have to catch the mouse-rat-whatever with the ribcage.
But, how!? Hint?

insane_cobra 11-04-2007 01:33 AM

I'm back on Mafia and the eighth mission is surprisingly fun. Controls still feel a bit clunky, but I'm getting used to it.

Oh, and I finally discovered the city map feature. :D

insane_cobra 11-04-2007 01:50 PM

The docks level in Mafia is evil and it really ruins the game, kind of like Meat Circus in Psychonauts. What were they thinking?

TangentBlack 11-06-2007 10:36 AM

I was bothered in that game soley because I had to beat the racing level without the patch. Perhaps everything was duck soup after that and I didn't notice the difficulty. I had some fun on the dock level since I remember specifically being able to find many high powered weapons and cutting through the gansters like a knife through butter, or perhaps a canolli.

Lucifiel 11-06-2007 11:17 AM

Playing Delaware 3: Seacliff town now.

Hmmm... the game is as atmospheric as ever and a little spooky. However, the navigation system which they used for their previous 2 games is getting to me: it makes moving around the map a real hassle 'cos they sometimes tend to stick/hide the "arrows" at a certain spot, instead of allowing you to click an arrow in the direction you want to go.

MdaG 11-07-2007 10:13 AM

Great game so far! Just met Steinberg. So far this game feels like a remake (in disguise) of System Shock 2 (which is a good thing). I'm not that happy with these Vita Chambers since they allow me to grind through the game. To keep it challenging I'm using save and load instead of Vita Chambers and difficulty hard.

Endosanity 11-07-2007 10:23 PM


Fatal Frame - PS2 - This game is creepy. But I'm stuck on a door puzzle. The door requires a number and I have the number it's just that the numerics on the door are in Japanese and the solution I have is in English. I'm at a loss because my translation skills aren't so good. I thought games like this would give you some kind of hint on how to translate. Maybe I'm missing something.

Bobske 11-08-2007 04:09 AM

Playing Gears of War. Kinda loving it a lot :)

Just finished:

Bioshock, great game, loved the gameplay, grew tired of slider puzzles.
Clive Barker's Jericho. Amazing game. Really loved the atmosphere. Cool graphics and sound, gameplay was ok (pretty lineair game, "infinite" ammo), still it has been a long time since I've been this addicted to a game.

Critics suck! Game got really bad reviews, good thing I don't listen to critics :)

MadTricks 11-08-2007 08:31 AM

Dreamfall Chap 11-12

I don't like this game. Its just running around...nothing more.

(...but the story is solid and very good)

jedicri 11-08-2007 09:05 PM

Gears of War for PC. I'm on the part where I have to laser tag this huge Seeder so it'll be destroyed by an aerial attack.

Folklore for PS3. Chapter 1 with Ellen.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga for PS3. This is ongoing....

Endosanity 11-11-2007 10:34 PM


Fatal Frame - PS2 - Playing night 2 and just defeated a child-like ghost that crawled up from a well. I try to time the zero shots just right, good spirit bonus that deals some damage.

Intrepid Homoludens 11-15-2007 02:27 AM

Assassin's Creed. Early on in the game and story. Just pickpocketed someone for an important letter, am trying to find the last remaining flags in Masyaf (16 out of 20 thus far).

Giligan 11-15-2007 06:33 AM

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

I'm at the part where you have to shoot a driver of a monster dump truck. Quite an enjoyable game, the heist scenes are excellent and fun.

VictimOfScience 11-15-2007 06:55 AM

Assassin's Creed: Just got to Damascus.

Mass Effect
: Just finished the fight in the nudie bar an hour or so into it.

Super Mario Galaxy: 1 hour into it, have not done much except get used to the controls. :)

Contra 4: Waterfall...this game is HARD.

Dale Baldwin 11-15-2007 07:18 PM

Assasin's Creed: Just got all the flags in Masyaf... after spending 2 hours searching for a single flag that I must have walked past a dozen times without spotting. Now off to either Acre or Jerusalem.

Endosanity 11-15-2007 10:51 PM

Fatal Frame - PS2 - Got the blinding mask and on my way to unlock a door with it. Ghosts really like to use that "Hey look, I can walk through walls" trick on you when in battle.

stepurhan 11-16-2007 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by VictimOfScience (Post 448224)
Mass Effect[/B]: Just finished the fight in the nudie bar an hour or so into it.

I'm sorry. A fight where? :P

About to pick up where I left off on a couple of games.

The Longest Journey - I'd finished the prologue and gone downstairs in the first chapter. Might have to start over though.

Icewind Dale 2 - Ready to have another go fighting the witch who steals children (which is a battle I've lost a couple of times) Near the start of Chapter 3 I think.

simpson_yellow 11-16-2007 02:38 AM

Just past the bit where the demo ends. It sure is one sexy ass game.

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