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Poor thingie!


That's what I got fed up with over PC gaming. Not so much the hardware itself, but how the hardware industry conspires with game developers and publishers to keep us wanting to spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) on the latest cards and rigs every couple years. And then we go on our gaming communities and brag about how we can run so-and-so game with all the bells and whistles cranked all the way up.

In reality there is no built-in obscolence in our systems, they should be able to run just about all the current games and the next ones to launch in the next few years. But companies like nVidia and ATI don't want that because they need to make their craploads of money. So they tug at our insecurities, making us self-conscious that our system can't do normal mapping while someone else's can do it all.
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Started to play the PC version finally, glad to see it works great, no bugs so far, the graphics look great, but the cutscenes look really bad, guess they used the old XBox ones. The combat is... weird, but I'm really only 2 hours into it. I like that the setting is pretty different from the usual RFG fantasy, but the story is really typical at the beginning... hope it spices up!

Does anyone know why 2K games is publishing this version? Didn't Microsoft publish the XBox one?
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I'm playing on my friend's laptop and the combat seemed so weird to begin, not it's natural. I had to put the fights on Apprentice level, but now I need more of a challenge to it and the game delivers. Thousand Cuts all the way
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I played (and loved) Jade Empire on my Xbox360 in backwards compatible mode but decided to get it on PC as well. I'm actually enjoying it more. The controls make combat more fun somehow. (I don't exactly know why...) I'm going to replay it pretty soon... gotta do something while waiting for Mass Effect.
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