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Originally Posted by Jayel View Post
My major complaint against this game is that eventually you reach a point where you have all the best gear equipped for all 7 of your characters and still have a tonne of money left over to reach the maximum limit (10 million credits or something).

Any idea if the PC version did anything about this issue?

Well, you can exploit something in the PC version. After finishing Dr. Michel's quest with the Blackmailer she sells you things at a discount. But she *also* buys things at a much higher price. So if you sell things, *always* go to Dr. Michel.

That's not an exploit yet, however. The exploit is related to the fact that the "Buyback" menu on Citadel station is the same in every shop. So if you sell something to Dr. Michel, and then go over to the Emporium or the Markets (I personally always go to Expat in the Upper Markets. It's close, has no loading times [and if you're too lazy to walk, it's a stone's throw from a CRS terminal, just like the Medical Station.], and most of all you only have to select one dialogue option to get into the shop menu.), the things you just sold to Dr. Michel will show up in their "Buyback" menus too.

Usually you can buy things back at the same price you sold them. So you gain nor lose money if you sell something but buy it back later. However, after completing the blackmailer quest, only Dr. Michel's prices are adjusted in your favor. That doesn't help you when buying from somewhere else, but it helps you when *Buying back* from somewhere else, since the other stores let you buy things back for the lower prices that they would have bought things from you. So when selling to Dr. Michel, and then buying back from elsewhere on the station, and repeating multiple times, you always gain the difference between the sell prices of the two stores.

Also, you only need 1 million credits to get the "Rich Achievement" (which gives you access to Elite spectre gear).

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