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Default You guys are after my heart... [BaSS review].

Just wanted to give a big thumbs up and thanks for the BaSS review. Though I wouldn't have minded if it were a wee bit longer (though, what else can one say?), I do appreciate that Claire has gone out of her way to write this review just for me...

Great review! I'm sure an extra half a star could have been squeezed in to it... I think Joey's Dalek joke/impersonation should have helped there.

Keep up the good work guys!
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Strange, I always thought that soundtrack and the LINC-space level were best parts of the game
Anyway, very nice review
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I'm the same way. This is from another post:

"The BASS review I just read. I agree with the overall score and most of the review, but I just cannot understand bashing it's music :O The only adventure game to best BASS in music is Grim Fandango (did I read someone critisized it's music - insanity!). I also liked BASS's virtual reality bits and how you had to come back with different IDs and stuff. It was fun and innovative."
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Hehe yes, it's been a good week. Two of the most missed games (Day of the tentacle and now Beneath a Steel SKy) have both found their place on the reviews list

Now, if only monkey island one and two could get a home of their own here on adventre gamers as well....then i would be truly happy
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Yeah what the hell is wrong with that reviews comments about the music? It's got really great moody music, the only upbeat part was Belle Vue but that was appropriate.
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Originally Posted by Krazy
Yeah what the hell is wrong with that reviews comments about the music? It's got really great moody music, the only upbeat part was Belle Vue but that was appropriate.
BASS is a masterpiece!

The only thing I don't like about it is the whole "left click, right click" interface thing, which is used among (all?) Revolution games.
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Reading the review reminded me that I should finish reading "1984" some day. I'll probably have to start from the beginning of the book again.

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