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Originally Posted by Jake
To be honest once the "combat segments" started, the game transitioned into what really reminded me of an honest all out fighting game... well, without ridiculous special moves and stuff. From what I saw, Ragnar was controlling Zoe very directly, throwing punches and dodging. There were Street Fighter or Fate of Atlantis-style health meters even, though I've got no clue if that was a piece of placeholder UI which will be replaced later with something more subtle.

If that description makes it sound like some jarring shift into another game, don't misunderstand me - the flow was very natural, and awesome. The receptionist behind the counter completely freaked out, and more or less lunged at Zoe, at which point you could start fighting back. It didn't cut to a cheezy fighting camera angle or anything, it all takes place within the same world as the exploring... it feels very cohesive and organic. I was excited. The fact that you could have avoided the fight entirely by distracting and locking the receptionist in the closet is also good.

To me it seemed like the point was that while you often don't have to fight, if you're going to fight it should at least be compelling and ... real. Not just a faked up thing that looks like fighting but is just pressing a button at the right time. Ragnar's not pulling any punches, if you will

I'm with Bastich on this one ( to Bastich). Why the hell SHOULDN'T a girl be able to depend herself (Zoe, not me )? And since I'm good at pixel fighting unlike many of your guys here , I welcome the damn challenge!
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