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Well, im one of those 5/5 stars supporters. The game is perfect! (But my favorite is the dark Zork Nemesis...)
But the review is a great piece of writing, its just sad that they arent making new ones... Who the hell holds the rights?? Is it still Activision?

By the way...
What about a Return to Zork review now?
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Originally Posted by Jackal
Thanks, gang. Glad to see others really liked the game, too.
I loved it. But that should go without saying.
Originally Posted by Jackal
And sorry for the 5/5 supporters. I honestly debated the final rating long and hard, and then flipped a zorkmid.
Doesn't matter, you'll just get
Originally Posted by Fienepien
next in line to be totemized.
(a very bad thing)

Of course, I might be a little biased (after all it's the first review on AdventureGamers, that mentions me... sort of ), but this is one helluva review. My favorite part:
Originally Posted by Jack's review
Cons: Umm... uh...
Thanks, Jackal.
What's happening? Wh... Where am I?
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Nice review, I should probably take some time and replay it. Which also reminds me: I have some spare copies of the ZGI soundtrack somewhere... should probably go and find them.
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Ididn't know Michael McKean of Spinal Tap fame did voicework for this game. Awesome review. ZGI is my favourite first-person adventure game. Got this game last year and was initially disappointed because the game world seemed so devoid of life at first... but then the inventory items started talking
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Oooh, Grand Inquisitor is one of my favourite adventure games ever as well. I only wish Activision would revisit this fantastic game universe again, and I still cling onto that hope!

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