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Default Future Boy Review

I thought it had been posted about.

I just wanted to comment on Fovily's new review of Future Boy...


I think it is the best piece she's written and personally one of the best on the site. Well done girlfriend. I have to admit -- -- I HAVE become a bit of a "lazy gamer" recently, when playing games just for fun. Nice to read that though FB is a graphically enhanced text game, it creates a whole other level of gameplay with the interface design and more. I am definitely looking forward to my copy getting here. Appears that General Coffee got it right.

Sooo he flies right at you when the game starts huh - woooosh. And you had how much coffee that day?
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Originally Posted by LauraMac
I think it is the best piece she's written and personally one of the best on the site. Well done girlfriend.
The thing that's great about Emily's piece (aside from the prose!) is that she really gives you a vivid impression of what playing the game will be like. I know that she's right ( ) because I played the demo and she did an excellent job of describing what's hard to describe, now that I think about it--how these disparate elements on the screen and on audio interact to be an unconventional but really fun gaming experience. As I told Kirk, I thought he did the same thing in giving people a really CLEAR impression of what it's like to play ROTS, so you can decide for yourself whether you want to do it. It's not solely written in gamer's code ("1st person perspective, node based, Myst-clone") that someone coming to games for the first time won't understand. (It initially took me weeks of reading reviews--and yes I am this compulsive--to try to figure out what the heck people were describing in general when they said things like FMV and so on, so that I could figure out the terminology and know whether I was likely to enjoy the game.) Sorry to go off on this, but I think that the reviews are great this way, and this site does them the best. And Emily's rocks!

BTW, Emily, what did G have to say about your crush on FB?
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I personally would prefer less of "it's text-based, but really not boring, believe me!" talk.* On the other hand, some people have allergic reaction on text interface, so it's good you stress how much you obviously enjoyed the game grading it by standards of graphical, commercial release.

Apart from that a great review, and I especially wanted to praise the writing - it's excellent. I won't find appropriate words. The first two paragraphs made me smile like nothing in the past few weeks. Thank you, Emily, keep them coming!

*Well, actually I may have been imagining things. I'm rereading the article now and I can't find the part which gave me that impression.
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Thanks. You guys are making me blush.

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It sure made me want to play it! All the other people chiming in with comments about how funny and enjoyable it was sure don't hurt though.
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As a long time fan of text adventures I'n glad to see that, not only is the genre not dead, but it's being given a bright and shiny modern makeover. Thanks for bringing this to my attention fov.
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