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I love lists. I have to admit that not a day goes by while I'm on the net that I dont check up one kind of lists or another. Mostly movie and game related lists so the question is pretty obvious. Is there a chance of some list getting made in the Features category here on adventuregamers?
And I don't mean ones like 'The best adventures of the 90's' or similar lists (altough I love those too) but more like ' The best adventure game covers' or 'What?! I was supposed to combine that?! A list of crazy inventory puzzles' or 'The funniest dialogues' or whatever comes to mind
I know that these kinds of things can be done over the forums and I do check them frequently and enjoy them I would still prefer having a list made by the staff and make it all in a way you made the Aggie awards (which I can't wait to begin since I can experience them in a non-archive form )
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Highly unlikely, at least any time soon. Frankly, it's hard enough just getting all the regular coverage done. I know these are "fun" kinds of articles, but when you're doing the work it still feels like work.

If you like lists, though, have we got a whopper coming up soon. Can't Won't say any more than that for now, though. (And I don't just mean this year's Aggies.)
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