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Default Developer list

First of all I just want to say that I enjoy this site a lot and use at as my main and only source of news for everything adventure related
I just have one question relating to the Review Index. When I go check all the games in the database is there a way for me to sort them by the developers?
If not is it posible for it to be implemented at some time?
Most of the time when I am checking out new games or reminding myself of old ones I want to know which of them are from the same developer without having to stumble upon it or check each of them seperatly. Hope there is a way for me to do that and I just haven't discovered it yet
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You can't sort by developer in the A-Z database but if you go to the game page for a certain game, you'll see a side bar with "other games in the series" (if they are there) and if you scroll further, you'll see "other games by the same developer."

It's one way I can think of.
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To expand on that, many games come with a list of games from the same developer.

For example, The Journeyman Project, not only shows other Journeyman Project games, but other games from Presto Studios.

I know there is the desire to do more with the database, but actually implementing such changes is easier said than done.
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Yeah, we're in the midst of a pretty major overhaul of our whole database system, and I honestly can't tell you for sure what features will and won't be available when it's done. But it's unlikely a sort-by-developer will be included for reviews. As the others pointed out, though, there's already a way to find a list of all games by any one developer.
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Ok thanks for your answers guys, time for me to do some developer research
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