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larissa 06-22-2011 06:47 PM

Can't access main page
Apologies if someone has already posted about this, but for the last week I've not been able to access the main AG page. I can't access it now even from clicking on links to it, nor can I get there from entering the url in my browser (firefox). I get a message saying that the page is not redirecting properly. Any advice welcome--thanks!

stepurhan 06-23-2011 12:14 AM

I'm using firefox and not having any problems at present. What links are you clicking on to try to get to it?

Dale Baldwin 06-23-2011 12:37 AM

This has happened to people in the past. Clearing your cookies usually fixes it.

larissa 06-23-2011 11:46 AM

Worked perfectly--thank you.

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