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Default Search in forums doesn't seem to be working properly

Hey folks,

I tried to search today for sam and max. I'm pretty sure there is at least one thread in our forums or something that mentions the duo. But I got no results back. Any ideas why?
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Did you put it in quotes? The search engine doesn't like three-letter words and it views that as separate words unless you add quotes.

I may be [unintentionally] lying, so I'll go try it out.

Edit: I tried quotes and I'm getting nothing either. I don't know why because there are plenty of posts with Sam & Max/Sam and Max. I got results with Telltale but that's not specific enough.

Let's see what others say.
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I think it's because for some reason the search function by default always is set to search for "newer" posts.

You need to go into Advanced / Find Posts from - and set it to "older".

And then only search for sam*max
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It'll definitely be the fact that they're only three letter keywords.
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Yeah, MySQL fulltext index searches (using MATCH AGAINST) only operate with query terms that are over 3 characters long. Also, they ignore terms that appear in over 50% of posts or are known 'common' words ('and', 'the', etc.)
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You can also search the forums with Google, like this: sam and max
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