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nikoniko 01-23-2006 05:36 AM

Forum loading problems
The last week or so the forum pages have occasionally been stopping download right after the ad loads but before the forum content comes in.
The page download simply stops at that point and the browser reports done. The problem usually disappears within a a couple minutes at worst and a few seconds at best, so it's not a bid deal, but it does happen to me regardless of browser, and has even occurred when accessing AG from someone else's computer.

Anyone else encountered this issue? Sorry, but I haven't paid attention to what ad(s) were loaded during these page breaks, but I will keep an eye on it from now on just in case it's an ad-related issue.

fov 01-23-2006 07:46 AM

Yeah, this happens to me occasionally.

stepurhan 01-23-2006 08:39 AM

I have also had this problem on ocasion, though usually refreshing the page fixes it.

Good idea about noting the ads when it happens though doroposo. It could be a specific ad is creating the problem so its worth pooling information to see if one particular ad seems to come up time and again. tabacco might be able to shed more light on whether this is likely.

tabacco 01-23-2006 10:06 AM

We already know it's the ads. That was established in another thread, but I don't have any control over those ads. Those are Marek's.

Intrepid Homoludens 01-24-2006 02:21 AM

:( Cripeys! The loading problems are especially rampant tonight.

colpet 01-24-2006 04:27 AM

I actually got timed out waiting for the forums to load this morning.

fov 01-24-2006 08:01 AM

Please be patient, everyone. We're aware of the problem and it will be resolved at some point.

For now, just stop and refresh when the screen hangs. That usually fixes it for me.

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