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The Thread™ will die.
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Originally Posted by Lucien21
Who moderates the moderators
The moderators need no moderating. For they are perfect in every way. Perfection personified, in fact.

Cheques made payable to "Robert Lacey", please, mods...
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I do not change to be perfect. Perfect changes to be me.

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Indegan Peningald
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Originally Posted by Snarky
Hah! You don't realize that AFGNCAAP is in fact a mole, a sleeper agent infiltrated into the ranks of the moderators to take down the system from within.

Oh, you will be first against the wall when the revolution comes, and there's nothing you can do about it! Bwahahaha!

<- Fidel smiley
Way to keep it on the down low, man. Jeez.

And AFGNCAAP, your check is in the mail. Do what needs to be done about said certain "beautiful woman."
Bill Clinton for God, 2008!
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