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LegendLongy 05-04-2012 10:41 AM

R.i.p mca!
R.I.P Adam Yauch, AKA MCA of the Beastie Boys. Co-founder of the awesome trio. A devastating blow to the hip-hop scene!

UPtimist 05-04-2012 01:37 PM

I just read it - so sad! :frown: Glad I'm not alone here about this. So few people in music like the Beastie Boys, it's a massive loss.

So innovative in every area.

Three white guys close to 50, who simply owned hip hop.

I was really hoping for more from Beastie Boys... I wonder if they'll still release what they had planned to.

Seriously, hip hop has lost so much in a short time...

Hammerite 05-05-2012 07:40 AM

It was pretty sad to hear this; I knew he'd had cancer, but I certainly didn't expect this and thought he was OK.


Also, this may be of interest...

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