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Jelena 04-24-2012 07:55 AM

Happy Birthday Intense Degree!
Happy Birthday Intense Degree!

Here, have a Pavlova cake!

UPtimist 04-24-2012 08:23 AM
We might be having a party...
Since you're always with the pics :P (and so often from that site)

Happy birthday! :) Is it an intensive one?

TimovieMan 04-24-2012 08:28 AM

Happy Birthday!

Spoil your diet with some chocolate goodness...

Fantasysci5 04-24-2012 08:53 AM

Happy birthday, mate!

Be priveledged that you are the only one quoted in my signature. *hugs*

Trunkyo 04-24-2012 01:01 PM

Happy Birthday, Intense Degree!

*gives hearty handshake, man-hug and ass-slap*

And as always, here's your special b-day okonomiyaki, grilled the way you like it. Enjoy!

UPtimist 04-24-2012 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by TimovieMan (Post 608986)
Spoil your diet with some chocolate goodness...

Thank you! Delicious! What did you get for Intense, though?

WitchOfDoubt 04-24-2012 02:19 PM

May your days be grand and prosperous!

SweetDalilah 04-24-2012 03:58 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Happy Birthday, man :P
Attachment 3517 Attachment 3518

Intense Degree 04-25-2012 12:44 AM

Wow, thanks all for the birthday wishes and assorted goodies everybody!

I had an extra special birthday treat from the Third Degree who threw up all over me just as I was about to leave for work! :r

Still it's the thought that counts I suppose!

Lee in Limbo 04-25-2012 09:03 AM

Happy Belated Birthday, man. I actually did stop by ont he right day and saw the birthday post, but I was a little tied up and couldn't actually stop to post anything. That said, if your munchkin throwing up on you is the worst thing that happened, you're one up on some of us.

Trumgottist 04-25-2012 12:46 PM

Happy b-day!

(The b stands for both belated and birthday at the same time! It could also stand for backyard-party.)

Jazhara7 04-25-2012 01:45 PM

Happy Birthday Intsie!

I'd hurry up, or Jaz666 and Iggy might beat you to the punch bowl. It's not actually punch, you know. It's actually mead with fresh, genuine woodruff. Yummy!

Now excuse me, I want some of it too. ;)

- :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Intense Degree 04-26-2012 01:33 AM

Thanks everybody!

*Intense Degree wonders if it's too early in the morning for punch! :D

TimovieMan 04-26-2012 02:20 AM

It's never too early in the morning for punch! :D

tsa 04-26-2012 02:52 AM

Hey Up! Of course I am late as usual, but I have a good excuse, working on my recovery and such. I hope you had a smashing day! Have a water jug! You need it.

Intense Degree 04-26-2012 05:07 AM


Originally Posted by tsa (Post 609232)
Hey Up!

Couldn't work out if that's a mistake or if you originally come from Yorkshire! :D

Thanks and get well soon!

tsa 04-26-2012 06:29 AM


Originally Posted by Intense Degree (Post 609244)
Couldn't work out if that's a mistake or if you originally come from Yorkshire! :D

Yorkshire, hmmm... Not the worst place to be born in! But no, I was born here.

Intense Degree 04-26-2012 06:52 AM

I should probably explain that "ay up lad" is a common greeting in Yorkshire! :D

Bit of regional Uk trivia for you there!

tsa 04-26-2012 06:58 AM

I always confuse your and Uptimist's names :(. But my post came from the heart for you!

UPtimist 04-27-2012 07:51 AM

How? How can one confuse our names..? :P

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