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Default Can someone help me which TFT monitor I must choose?

Hey guys,

I'm currently searching to find a clear and crisp TFT monitor that gives a high image quality when it comes to play games.

The most important feature that I'm after is that it must be very crisp, and not blurry when it comes to displaying text, etc.

These are the 2 monitors that I'm seeing at the moment:

1.) HP L1906 Flat Panel Monitor

2.) Dell E196FP

Could someone tell me which of the two I must opt for when it comes to choosing a monitor that is very clear and very crisp with excellent image quality?

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All I can say is I'm happy with my DELL. It's not exactly the same model, because I have a 2407 WFP.

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Well if you're using a DVI connection I would steer clear of HP... anything. I've never been impressed, but that's just my opinion. Dell... I can't really say as I've never seen one in action. But, for LCD monitors a DVI connection vs. the old analog connection is a big difference.

What I can recommend is if you're gaming and want a crisp picture is to look for something with a high contract ratio, maybe 2000:1 or 3000:1 or even higher but no less than 1000:1. If you wanna do some 3D gaming, then watch out for a good response time like 2ms. Good monitors with excellent ratings for gaming aren't really that expensive anymore. Good luck in your search.
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IMO the most important part to look for when buying a TFT monitor is the panel that it uses.

The most commonly used ones are the TN, MVA/PVA and IPS panels. Try searching for the pros and cons of each one. A good site to start with is with lots of reviews, a FAQ and a buyer's guide among others.

As I see from here both the panels you are referring to, have a TN panel, a thing that, in my opinion, is not so good when you are interested, as you say, in an above average image - colour quality.

A good guide can be found here too.

If you have the chance to go and see the monitors that you are considering buying, go for it without a second thought. As much as you read, your eyes are the final judge.
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I like Dell. I forget which type exactly it is that I have, but I'm pretty happy with it. Easy on the eyes and no ghosting (which I have seen on some other TFTs).

Do pay attention though to whether your monitor of choice has adjustable height or not, I thought mine did until I unpacked it.

You can sorta burn an image into the screen if you keep it on for hours upon hours, like say if you're working in a program that doesn't fill the screen you might get the start menu leaving behind a trace... but it goes away if you give those pixels something to do again, like play a game or watch a movie full-screen (something busy). Only real problem I have is before I figured that first part out I thought it was dirt or something so cleaned it a bit too vigorously, creating two dead pixels... but that was just me not being careful I guess.
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