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Default The Well of Tears, a fantasy book with a little extra

The Well of Tears is the second in the Crowthistle series written by Cecilia Dart-Thornton. What is special about the hard cover edition, is that it includes a CDrom developed by Cyan. The CD gives you a virtual representation of 2 of the environments from the book.
I was underwhelmed with the first book in the series, The Iron Tree, but this second installment is meatier and I'm enjoying it more. As for the added media - I love it! I wish there were more of the environments represented. You get to see The Marsh and Rowan Green. In both places you can immerse yourself in Dart-Thornton's vision of the places where Jewel is raised. While you can't enter the buildings, you can wander on the paths and soak in the sights and sounds around you, in true Myst fashion. The Marsh is still and mysterious. Rowan Green has a stunning view of the plateau below and you can watch the weather balloons floating in the sky above. Birds twitter and fly, insects drone, and leaves float lazily to the ground around you. It is truly a wonderful experience, and enhances the book for me.
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It sounds interesting. I'm not into the fantasy genre but perhaps I should try it out. Sometimes the crime stories I most often read just get tedious.
Don't you miss some puzzles while you're wandering those environments?
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