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Default Blogs about Japan

I rarely post in Chit Chat anymore, and the reason I'm doing so now is entirely selfish and weird and borderline spammy.

I'm trying to enlist the community's help with a little project I have. I can't say what it's for, but it's very easy and you could help me out a lot.

Basically I am looking for blogs or sites...
  1. About Japan
  2. That have some (or a lot of) pictures in them
  3. And that have an RSS feed (most blogs do)
It can be about anything Japan related. Japanese food, gimmicks, toys, films, people, buildings, whatever.

So, if you happen to know any good blogs about this, please let me know. Google already helped me to a point, but I need A LOT of these, so I really have to use all the resources I have.

Thanks and feel free to go off topic.
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Did you want the URL's? If so can I see what you have so don't duplicate it?
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I only have a few right now. Let me grab them.
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I guess you've already found Jean Snow's blog ( It's a good one!
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Maybe this will have some good ones:

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Default I couldn't find blogs....only sites...

Visit Japan campaign
Japan National Tourist Organization
Japan Tourist Photo Library
Key Aspects of Japan (dictionary)

Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet (have an RSS feed)

Tokyo National Museum
Kyoto National Museum
Hiroshima Peace memorial museum


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Thanks guys! Lucien's link in particular is a goldmine!
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