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Old 08-20-2006, 07:02 PM   #1
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Default Seemingly irredeemably corrupted Quicktime install

So, it seems that after installing Quicktime 3 to run The Dark Eye my Quicktime 7 install became semi-corrupted (constantly crashes and won't play any sound) and remains corrupted even after numerous reinstalls and doing my best to get rid of Quicktime 3. It seems that even while it's uninstalled there are keys remaining in the registry, which may have something to do with it, but I don't really know enough to be confident about manually fucking around in there. I was wondering if anyone here had encountered this problem and knew a way of fixing it without a Windows reinstall or could suggest an alternative player. I apologise if this belongs in Technical Problems, but thought not seeing as it doesn't really pertain to a particular game.
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Alternate player for generic videofiles? BSPlayer, MediaPlayer Classic, VLC. Quicktime sucks anyway, on any platform.
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You might like to try crap cleaner or similar registry/3rd party uninstaller.

Quicktime, along with a lot of other windows programs (too many to count) can have trouble uninstalling because of memory resident and/or startup "helper" (which is a nice term for useless fucking resource hog) programs the XP uninstaller either cannot or will not remove.

Did you install QT 3 without first uninstalling QT 7, that would be a nightmare...

God forbid you should want to use any application on Windows - its always a battle to get even microsoft programs working how you want them...
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I was stupid enough to assume that QT3 and QT7 would be far enough removed from each other that I could have them both installed at once without any significant problems. I had a quick go with that crap cleaner program but it doesn't seem to have helped - seems like a very useful program in general though and I'll try again with it when I have more time. Thanks for your advice.
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Oh, dear - I did the same thing once and it was indeed a nightmare to get rid of both of them. I did have to remove all traces of both from the registry, but there were also some other subprograms that had to be removed and I don't recall what they were. Try Google - I think that's how I found out you NEVER install another version of Quicktime, newer or older, without first totally removing the previous one. I kept getting the "this file is in use" while trying to remove one part and had to go into the DOS prompt to finally remove that part that wasn't in use at all. I did learn my lesson about Quicktime the hard way!

After I did all that though, QT3 installed and worked perfectly for that game, and then I removed that, registry and all, before installing QT6 or 7, not sure which, and that's worked fine ever since.

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VLC is a very nice player. Handles just about everything.

I'm a bit disappointed that Apple still haven't fixed that Quicktime problem. I went through many minor forms of hell due to games that installed Quicktime for Windows 1 as part of the normal installation, when I already had Quicktime 2 installed.

By the time 3 came out I'd already learned to be very cautious about installing anything. At least by then there was a separate installer. I have often fancied that Quicktime for Windows was a form of sabotage in order to frustrate users into buying Macintoshes. At least until OSX came out, which my experience suggests may have been an attempt to sabotage the Mac platform in the same way.

I have noticed that 16 bit and 32 bit versions of Quicktime seem to be able to live happily side by side on the same hard drive, however. Either that, or I was just lucky.
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