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Default Cat Loses Right to Domain Name

Cybersquatting has taken a whole new surreal turn.
Originally Posted by Out-Law.Com
A cat has lost its bid to retain a controversial domain name after a multinational investment bank took it to the National Arbitration Forum.

Baroness Penelope Cat of Nash DCB, who is listed as the owner of and was given some assistance in the case by Michael Woods, lost control of the domain to Morgan Stanley.
Full article here Good to see the Arbitration Panel had a sense of humour about the whole thing.
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My dog lost his domain name once....god was he pissed
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Originally Posted by Karmillo
My dog lost his domain name once....god was he pissed
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Originally Posted by Richard Hill (Arbitration Forum Panellist)
If Respondent is in fact a cat from outer space, then it should have so indicated in its reply, in order to avoid unnecessary perplexity by the Panel.
Hahaha. Brilliant
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