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Not like them!
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...or we could just celebrate by having a wall intersect with Spiwak. What the Belgium is wrong with you, man?
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Originally Posted by Spiwak
I never liked Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Which version? (In reverse order of their appearance, most recent first)

The film?

The BBC Television Series?

The Books?

The Original Radio Series? (This is by far the best incarnation in my opinion)
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A thread most controversial, that’s what I want to start
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And for this stimulation all will be thankful to me
On come on everybody it won’t work if you agree
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a little off-track:

the 7th Átjáró Fesztivál (Gateway Con) is held between the 9th and 11th of June in Budapest, Hungary.
Watson, Quaglia and the new Grand Master of SF Harry Harrison are coming! If you'll be around BP then, don't miss this one. These guys were BORN with towels around their necks
Info at:
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