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Old 05-23-2006, 04:56 AM   #1
Chris Barraclough
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Default Podcasts

I usually spend a couple of hours a day on rammed London buses, so I've started getting into downloading podcasts to drown out people moaning/kids playing shit rave music on their mobiles loudly. The only ones I've really gotten into so far are:

Mark Kermodes Film Reviews - Once a week film review show, with Mark on usual top sarcastic form slating off crappy movies.

Ricky Gervais - Pretty damn funny, only heard a couple so far but the Cambodian Midget Fighting League episode had me struggling not to laugh hard on the bus.

Nobody Likes Onions - Just a small group of American guys talking bollocks, but can be pretty funny. Mexicans will probably be offended though, they seem to slag them off in every episode.

Anyone else listen to any podcasts and got any recommendations?
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The Thread™ will die.
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I quite like The Now Show, but then I listen to Radio 4, so my opinion might not be valid in your mind .
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In an evening of July...
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Mine are purely technical:
TWIT (classical)
LugRadio (this one is pretty hilarious, even if you don't care about OSS. Beware the LugRadio syndrome - bursting out in laughter while listening in a bus/train/subway)
Security Now (sometimes they have interesting stuff)
Sploitcast (great stuff, too few episodes)
Diggnation (vidcast, I love watching Kevin getting drunk)
IT Coversations (these are simply too many, I've no time for them all. Technation is great though)
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Beyond Belief
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I subscribe to This Week In Tech, Diggnation, Skepticality, Democracy Now! The War and Peace Report, and Rocket Boom.

I've been downloading shows I've missed on the radio too, four discworld novels were dramatised on radio 4, political animal, Mark Thomas presents, Absolute Power, and the radio series of Whose line is it anyway.
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I listen to the Blank Label Comic podcast, the Keencast, the Gigcast, Extra Life Radio, Retrocrush, Liquid Generation, They Might Be Giants, Infendo, Idle Thumbs, Digital Strips and.... Crazy Cat Women!
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I like Vu d'ici a lot.
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I listen to The Hotspot, mainly. Now and again, GamesIndustry.biz Podcasts. I can't find any other really great ones.

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The only one that I've listened to at all is Retro Gaming Radio, from http://www.retrogamingradio.com/ .

I haven't listened to it very much, however. Actually, only part of one episode, which was a very long list of recommended US games for the Commodore 64. I haven't managed to stay awake past the first hour and a half of it yet, but it's a lovely and nostalgic listen.

Mostly I listen to radio comedies using the mp3 player built into my Palm. Recently, I've been mostly listening to some episodes of Just a Minute from the early seventies, Round the Horne, and some of the more recent episodes of I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue.
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