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Default Tonight the Shrieking Corpses Bleed

If you loved the old Sierra games like Police Quest and King's Quest, you're going to love the new AGI game 'Tonight the Shrieking Corpses Bleed', one of the funnest adventure games I've played in a long time. Here's a quick outline of the story from the site:

You play the role of John Mordred, the garbageman, in the town of Memory, where the dead sleep uneasily. Most of the townspeople have gotten accustomed to the phenomenon, but not John Mordred! Oh no, he's going to stop these corpses whether it be by blowing their heads off with a shotgun or tearing them to pieces with his bare hands!
So like I said before, play this game!
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Been playing this game for the last few days. I am currently stuck at the farm. When i try to take the key from the scarecrow i get attacked by crows.
How do i deal with them? Please help.
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