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Default Free Flash adventure game engine

Hey everyone, if there are any Flash users here who are looking to create an adventure game but want to skip most of the nitty-gritty coding, you might be interested in the open-source adventure game engine I developed. It's called ALPACA and it's available at

It's not as polished or extensive as something like Adventure Game Studio or SLUDGE, but it lets you do a lot of the work of creating a game within Flash's UI and requires minimal coding for simple projects. It's aimed at people who are familiar with Flash, and want to make their games playable online, but don't want to have to deal with extensive Actionscripting and would rather focus on the story and artwork.

I'm currently putting together a tutorial series on creating a basic game and I would love some feedback. Hope you guys like it!
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Nice demo you've got there. Any plans for further adventure of the Panda?

Sounds like an interesting engine. Flash does seem to be the medium of choice for a lot of online games so this could have a lot of potential use. I look forward to someone making a more extensive adventure with it.
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I may actually use Al the Panda for some further adventure; he was kind of a throwaway character I made just for the demo but he ended up being more fun to write and voice than I expected. I mean, who knows where that balloon could take him?

I'm really hoping someone will create something more extensive with the engine, too. I built it initially to save myself time in creating games, but the engine took so much effort that I kind of forgot about the whole making games thing. That was a big part of why I released it open source, since I didn't think I had time to make full use of it and I didn't want it to go to waste.
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Hey this is really cool! I was thinking about doing an online FLASH version of Last Half of Darkness - this might the tool to do it.
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@billy7777 - Your games look delightfully creepy - will have to check them out. From your screenshots I gather they're first-person? You'll have to tweak the ALPACA code a bit for that (or remove a lot of it, really, since much of it deals with player movement), but I'm sure it can be done.
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