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Default SYNCHRONIZATION Adventure game

I would like to announce project called "Synchronization" which is a short adventure game in science fiction genre, realized in a rather unusual way using Power Point.

Estimated Release Date: TBA (DEMO OUT NOW!)

Description of Project:

-Action of Synchronization is set in year 2032 and involves some strange events taking place in the Alternative Energy Research Institute.

-Nameless protagonist (who is an employee of the Institute) tries to figure out what went wrong and why.

-Synchronization consists of adventure part and a series of fun mini games that enhance plot and provide some arcade challenges.

Of course I recommend it and when you download it and play give me feedback please.



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Powerpoint is indeed an unusual way to go. I'm intrigued and will have a look at the demo.

Any idea apart from TBA as to when the whole thing will be done?
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I suppose that full game will be released in couple of months.
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