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Default Any good free, online adventure games?

I recently played a free flash game I found on the internet called dark visions. It was a great game although short and free. Anyone have any suggestions for a good free adventure game on the internet. My only requirement is that it is not a room escape game.
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I recommend:
In Cubation
Fool's Errand
Occasionally visiting Uru Live (KI 00637228).
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And on the 3rd person side of things:

The Journeys of Reemus
Something Amiss
A Small Favor

These all have more than one part (I think, I've only played the first two series), and are considered to be pretty good.
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Might want to check out the monthly "Following Freeware" articles on this site (take a look in the Freeware section).

I'd recommend the "Alice is Dead" games (it's three episodes: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3).
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There's an interesting 1st person online adventure at (there's english language also)

It has some interesting graphics with mix of actual photos and character drawings. Also, there's some RPG elements in it, like eating and drinking. It's about exploring German forest and mysterious castle.
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Anikas Odyssey, a cute, fun little adventure.
Morningstar, a nice SF adventure.
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Eternally Us - very short game , linnear but it's beautifully done , nice voice acting and a touching storyline.

Ben Jordan : Paranormal Investigator

Plenty of free games for you to try - see the ratings and review

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Do keep an eye on the Following Freeware articles. They are a mixture of online and download free games and I've already got an interesting looking list for December.

If horror is your sort of thing (Dark Visions had horror overtones from what I played of it) then Exmortis and its sequels may well be worth a look.

If you'd like something completely the other way (bright and a little bit silly, but no less brain-taxing for that) then The Dreamerz could be a good bet.

Otherwise give some indications of your preferences and I'm sure we can find something for them.
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There's a couple of old flash adventure games by Sarbakan called Arcane and Steppenwolf.
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You should visit the Pastel Games site:,games,flash_games.html
you can find really good games there!!!
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