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Default drawing backdrops?

I've started drawing some backdrops, like this one below

I'm trying to find a good atmosphere in each one, the next will be a cluterered room.
I hope to build up a collection that will be part of a game, I'm slowly using the LASSIE system,...Does anyone have any good tips on drawing backdrops for adventure games?
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Try these two articles by graphic artists who work on adventure games:


A Hardy Developer's Journal - The Scientific Society's online magazine devoted to charting indie adventure games and neighboring territories
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I made a little post about drawing backgrounds a while back:

It's not very descriptive but it shows my thought process while creating that particular scene. Ahh, just one of 3 games that I've developed 20% of the way and then canned. Oh well.
Mindtank Studios
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Default cheers

thanks for that
heres my latest scribblings


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