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Thanks again for the info. Strangely, there still isn't any news about the english version on the both german and english official site.

I'll try to download and install the game and the patch, since I'm currently in-between games. But, as I've already said, I was rather dissapointed after I've played the german version.
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A little bit off the topic, but for those of you who can't play the game, what with it being Windows only, it looks like it'll be compatible with ScummVM soon!
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2.5 pffft, 0.50 maybe snap out of it
soulless impresions of George's plain dumb
a futile attemp to revive BS heritage,complete waste of time.
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Originally Posted by Gabe View Post
2.5 pffft, 0.50 maybe snap out of it
soulless impresions of George's plain dumb
a futile attemp to revive BS heritage,complete waste of time.
Well, nobody forces you to play it. Remember: this is a fan-made project and you should treat it as one.
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I am playing the game right now, with English audio, and it all works just fine.

It is nice to play BS again, George and Nico are my fav characters.

But I must say that I am a bit disappointed with the game so far.
It's just way too easy.
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