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Default The Demonic Dollhouse

The phone rang.
- Hello? The demonhunter answered.
- H-H-HELP!!! D-DEMONS!! EVERYWHERE!! The voice in the phone screamed.
- Where are you?
- My address is Darkstreet 81! Please hurr-- AAAAAAAAAAARRGGGHHH!
The phonecall sent chills down the spine of the legendary Demonhunter.
He had seen and heard many dying humans before, but this was something else.
Something horrible.

A new game from the creators of Death - Episode One.
You are the legendary demonhunter, and your mission is to investigate this
mysterious house, and cleanse it from evil! Use your surroundings to find
clever ways to trap/kill the demons before they kill you.

This is a short actionpacked point'n click adventure game.

Available to you now for only $1.99!

Visit to get your copy!

Edit: Oh missed the big "Freeware adventures" in the forum name. Maybe a mod can move this thread to the appropriate place?

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Congrats on completing another game so quickly. You are a really solid and passionate indie developer.
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