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Greetings all,

Last year I finished developing a comedy graphic adventure game called ISLAND, which you can find at the following URL:


I'm trying to raise awareness of the game, and receive some feedback, as I plan to release an updated version of the game within the next few months. My main aim is to make text skippable and have options for text speed. If I can find a musician, I also plan to improve the music too.

As you may have guessed, it's set on a desert island. It is inspired by Monkey Island, LOST and numerous other works of desert island fiction. You play Benji, the sole survivor of a plane crash on a desert island. Benji soon befriends the survivors of another crash which occured some years prior to his and explores the island with their help. As Benji learns more about the place, he comes to realise that it is no ordinary island.

Though there is an element of mystery, I have purposefully avoided the supernatural course that LOST took. I wanted to play with the premise of crash survivors on an island and see how the plot could develop without taking the mystical approach that LOST took, and at the same time satire the desert island genre in general.

Please give the game a try and feel free to suggest any other changed that you think could be made.
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I've downloaded it and had a go at the opening and I like the look and feel. (The nervous flyer was nicely done and the irony of Benji's last words to him made me laugh)

Apart from the text tweaks, how major an update are you planning?
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Aside from hopefully the music, nothing else I can think of yet, but I will play through the game a couple of times myself and see what I can think of.
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