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Default Dragon Age: Origins adventure - "Master's Desire"

"Dragon Age: Origins?" you ask and continue, "That's not an adventure game."
"True, but this isn't Dragon Age anymore," I reply.

DAQuest: Master's Desire revamps the engine quite a bit by adding many 'Adventure Game' -changes. The story itself is the golden "You wake up in the dungeon without a memory - time to save the damsel in distress."

Take a look at the trailer:

And download the add-in:

- Playtime runs at around 2 hours
- Fully voiced
- New map, new adventure, new choices and new consequences
- Contains some adult themes
- 4 new skills: Inspect, Take, Move and Use

Note: This is an add-in, thus it requires "Dragon Age: Origins" to play.
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About 5 months later a kind person, Stonos22, creates a walkthrough of DAQuest. For those who don't have Dragon Age, or can't be bothered to install it, take a look-see how an RPG transforms itself into an adventure game.

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Thanks for that. I've seen RPGs transformed into something resembling adventures in the past (Some Neverwinter Nights modules took a good stab at it) so it will be interesting to see how it was handled.
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