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Default The Face of Corruption Chapter One

Hi Guys I thought I would share my little game I've been creating for the past six months on Adventure Gamers. The game is called The Face of Corruption and it is based around classic noir films and also my favourite genre of gaming; the point-n-click adventure. As you can tell I have filmed actors and used them as the characters on the screen as well as photo-realistic backgrounds. I've had this idea stuck in my head for about the past ten years so I thought I would make it reality.

Anyway here is a synopsis of the story, some screenies and a small tech video if anyone is interested. If you keep track of my game you can visit my website also. AND DID I MENTION THIS GAME WILL BE FREE

Guy Marlowe; a homicide detective for the Melbourne police force has watched his life decay to nothing. His wife left him due to his long hours and his obsession with work which has left him guilt-ridden. One late evening he is assaulted by a mysterious assailant and barely survives the attack. Who would have done this and why? Was it random? Is it linked to one of the many homicides he's recently worked on? Or is it something more shocking? Find out in the first chapter.

Release Date:
I'm hoping for a end of June/mid July release.

Tech Demo:


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This is looking better and better with each new info and pictures.

I know this is not the CL and, possibly, it's like it is because it's a wip, but that guy in the last screenshot should be made blurrier to blend in with the background better.
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Wow, pretty neat style !!
will be waiting for the release
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Cheers, I'm working on it night and day. I look forward to releasing it.
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