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Default Patrimonium

Patrimonium is a 2D freeware graphic adventure using the Adventure Game Authoring System. It features 640x480 resolution with a SCUMM-like interface, hand drawn characters, a unique eventful story, challenging diversified puzzles and, of course, chuck the plant. After several years of development, we are almost ready to release the game. After the release in german, there will be an english translation. To get a glimpse of Patrimonium check out some screenshots:

Recently we finished a (german) game trailer which can be viewed at Youtube or downloaded from here.
Soon there is going to be an english version of the official homepage which you can visit at

Greetings, Jonas
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I remember playing the first part long ago.
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Hey! GOOD job. It looks great. Looking forward to playing it in english.
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Hey guys,

just wanted to let you know that the german version of the game has been released some days ago. The english version is on it's way. You may also want to check out the english part of our website for further information.

Greetings, and have a good start in the year 2010!
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Thanks for this great-looking game, Jonas!

The game really looks awesome, but I didn't play it yet - my German is 'Tarzan German' I'm afraid (it's not that my English is much better, mind you).

How far did the English translation go?
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Good question! Patrimonium looks interesting, but no word of English version release...
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