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Default Quest for Glory 2 VGA project has reached beta phase

NEWSFLASH: The sultanate of Shapeir is currently enlisting brave and devoted adventurers who are willing to assist the authorities in making the country a more stable and enjoyable place to be. Some time ago, the land was overrun by a particularly elusive and persistent breed of creature, called a programming bug. In order to rid the land of these pests, Sultan Harun Al-Rashid (May He Live Forever!) in all His wisdom, sought out the help of a small band of heroes to do battle with these abominations. This band fought long and hard and the bug population was drastically reduced over time as a result of their efforts. However, the remaining members of the population have become wary and have gone into hiding, only showing their face in very specific circumstances.

Because of that, additional adventurers are requested to journey to Shapeir and assist the Sultan's bug-exterminators in tracking down the remaining bugs that still plague the land. Because there is no reward in Dinars posted, the adventurers Shapeir is looking for should be self-sacrificing Paladin-type personalities who do not shun long, hard and tedious work for no compensation but a boosted personal honor stat. In addition, these adventurers should have a keen eye, analytical mind, a long attention span and the ability to think outside the box. Prior experience with the land of Shapeir is not mandatory, but the previously stated personality traits most certainly are.

Those adventurers who are interested and understand that their journey to Shapeir will not so much be a vacation, but a noble and necessary quest that involves them sacrificing their own enjoyment of Shapeir for the cause of the Greater Good, can scroll down and click on the link below.

All the poetic analogies aside... Quest for Glory 2 VGA is going beta and AGD Interactive is looking for suitable volunteers to help us test. If you have a lot of time to spend and have the qualities stated above, please apply and you may find yourself picked as a QFG2VGA beta tester. If you enjoy rooting out and trying to replicate anomalies that could be dependant on a hundred different factors, you may be the person we're looking for.

Keep in mind that actual testing probably won't start until after new year, so testers will need a lot of time to spare even after the holidays.

If you think you have what it takes to help us give the game that extra bit of polish, please click on the link below and fill out the application form.

Sign up here.

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