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Default Help wanted for english translation

Dear Adventure Gamers community,

we are two guys creating a 2D comic point&click adventure game. Maybe someone already heard about our project Looky - The Adventure. It's going to be released in two halfs, the german version of the first half of the game is already online and ready to download for some weeks now. It's freeware but despite that fact it's going to be a biggy. The first half is 668MB in size and should entertain the player for five to eight hours.
Our plan was to release the game in english, too, but after heavy working on the english translation myself I have to admit that I'm not able to handle it completely alone. I'd be able to translate the whole thing literally I think, but I'm sure I'd kill all the humor in the game and that's what the game lives of.
Because of that I decided to call for help at this place. I need help with translating the game and there's still a lot to do (I think I nearly translated half of it, and we are talking about 3000 lines of text), so I'm searching for someone who is good at both english and german, has the free time and would like to help us bringing this funny and entertaining game to players around the globe.
For infos about the game, screenshots and even the multilanguage demo version of the game (135MB) visit our website (you may switch to the english pages in the upper right corner).

Thanks in advance
Marcus "Mac" Röckendorf
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