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Default Broken Sword HD?

These days it seems like the future of adventure games is in downsizing them to handhelds... but in this genre like many others, surely cinematics are an important part of creating atmosphere and driving the story?

If anything I think the genre should be going HD with high quality sound, music and animations - let's face it, gameplay wise there isn't too much fun in point and clicking, we play these games for the atmosphere and plot, and visuals and sound are exactly what accentuate those.

So, we all know about Broken Sword 2.5, and that's great, but how about updating a game like Broken Sword 1 or 2 to HD by redrawing the backdrops, and even remaking the soundtrack as is often done for many games - leaving the voice acting as it is ofc.
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I think the broken sword games are fine where they are to be perfectly honest, well... except the 4th one. I dont know what that one was thinking. However, the first two you are referring to I still enjoy, and will always enjoy them hd or not. I would prefer anyone who can do 2d artwork, to work on an orginal 2d game.
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Originally Posted by The13thDoll View Post
I would prefer anyone who can do 2d artwork, to work on an orginal 2d game.
Gah, actually yeah, you're absolutely right ^^

Still, t'would be nice. Something easier for the fan community, who, looking at BS 2.5, are extremely good at creating artwork in the same style.
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Broken Sword 1 already exists for... Gameboy, was it? Also both BS1 and 2 are playable with ScummVM on various systems, including some handhelds.
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BS series is one of the best adventure series I played. Although I haven't played the 4th, i think the first two are the best, mainly cause beautiful 2D graphics, and an amazing theme, and the plot.

BS 2.5? Can't wait till it's done. I played the demo and loved it. 2D's great
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