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Default 6 Days... Deluxe?

What's the real difference between the original ending and the extended ending in the deluxe version?
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Hello everyone. Was so glad to find this forum and discover that adventure gaming is still alive and kicking.

As for 6DAS, the extended version gives a better insight in the plot, explains much more than the original (to me it did, at least) and shows some more Chzo books. The author's commentary is very interesting, too.
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Welcome Elmindreda!
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Thanks, Melanie!

Oh, and something I forgot to mention: 6 DAS SE comes with a 'filing cabinet' with several Ministry of Occultism's 'files' on some major characters and events.

For me personally, the special editions were worth it if only for the soundtracks that come with each. Been in my winamp playlist ever since.
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Welcome Elmindreda,

It's always good to see new people. I played the original 6 DAS, I'll have to check out the deluxe sometime.

Do you have any interest in making games? A lot of adventure gamers are so worried about the genre changing to action/fighting in adventure games. I'm hoping there'll be enough freeware developers out there to keep it alive in the old style fashion. Well it was nice to meet you, hope you enjoy your stay here.
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