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Default Familiar ground: Popular threads & Recurring themes

What adventure games are you playing right now? What is your favorite adventure game anyway? Do you like action in your adventure games, or do you think it detracts from what makes the genre unique? Or hey, do you think there is such a thing as a "genre" at all? What's the secret recipe to making a good game? And while we're at it, what is the real secret of Monkey Island?

Where have I seen these questions before? Oh, yes. I saw them right on these very forums! The AG forums are very large, and have a pretty active community, so we tend to burn through the "usual" questions at a pretty high rate, and then bury them under tons of other discussion.

If you're looking for some discussion you might consider "popular" (for instance "What is an 'Adventure Game'," or "What are you guys playing right now") but can't find it on the first couple pages of the forum, this is a good place to look. We've hastily rounded up some popular threads of the past for quick reference (and in hopes of limiting the number of duplicate discussions we have around here).

Keep in mind: this list is nowhere near complete - it just contains some of the more popular threads on the subjects. And remember, "when in doubt, search!" So, without further ado:

The lists!
Wherein you tell us about yourself and your gaming habits!

What are your top 10 adventures? - link to be updated
A classic thread!

Walkthroughs and other weaknesses.
Hey man, do you use walkthroughs? Come on, everybody's doing it. Don't you want to be cool?

Greatest Adventure Game of All Time?
Another unstoppable classic. (Except we all know it really is Grim Fandango)

Worst adventure game ever
The sister to the above thread invites you to be the Comic Book Guy.

Most Frustrating Puzzle in an Adventure Game?
What kept you up at night? What made you call the hint line?

First adventure game you played?
Tell us about your first time.

Adventure Game Scene of the Day
Check out the scenes our members have been surprising us with daily.

The essentials
It wouldn't be an adventure gaming forum without these threads:

Are you more of a Sierra fan or Lucasarts fan?
Without this thread, the forums would probably implode out of sheer unlikeliness.

The gap in the story between Monkey Island 2 and 3
The closest AG has got to "what is the secret of Monkey Island?" but that does come up in the thread.

The Jensenites vs. the Schaferists
Nothing like a good natured Holy War.

Abandonware -legal Or Not-?
Mods please don't delete this link!! This thread is no longer available for sale in stores, and Adventure Gamers is no longer making a profit off of its contents, so as a fan I think it's okay for it to be distributed for free online.

What is an adventure game? / What's important in your adventure games?
Discussions of the genre at large, what does or doesn't constitute an adventure game, what is or isn't important to include in an AG, and whether or not genres exist at all!

The future of adventure games
Companion to Marek's excellent article, discussing exactly what it says it discusses.

Story vs. Puzzle: Please Chime In
In hopes of stirring the pot a bit, Evan asks "What is the true foundation of an adventure game," the story or the puzzles?

What is an adventure game?
Jake tries his hand at pot-stirring, by proposing an overly long-winded definition of adventure games that doesn't include the word "puzzle," and asks for feedback.

How do you prefer your adventure games?
If you were looking for a thread about 2D vs 3D in adventure games, this is a good place to start.

Broken Sword 4 2D or not 2D?
This would be another good one.

What about THEM?
Trep invites everyone to postulate about what those on the outside (as in, people who don't regularly frequent threads like the one you're reading now) are thinking about some of the more "cutting-edge" AGs on the horizon.

"Classic", "Pure", "Traditional"
Squarejawhero is fed up with the labels that get bandied about without a second thought by the adventure community.

What do you feel is the current state of the adventure genre?
Adventures aren't "dead," but are they "stagnant?" Bysmitty wants to know.

What happened with the adventure game? And why?
Trep take's bysmitty's thread, and appends a big fat "why?"

Do you like "Action" in your adventure games?
Well, do ya? Answer before I punch you in the face out of frustration.

Extreme community smackdowns
Everybody in the ring at once! Forum cage match!

PC Gamer: MoS 14%!
A 62 page thread containing discussions about mainstream magazine reviews of adventures, the stagnation (or lack of stagnation) in the genre, journalistic bias vs. fan bias, the past present and future of adventure games, a small bit of namecalling, and "pure" adventure games versus "progressive" adventure games, and mariachi music - all of which managed to remain on-topic about 90% of the time. Featuring appearances by AG writers, AG community members, gaming magazine writers, and a small handful of game developers.

Groups overlooked by AG developers? "Yes, boys 8 - 13."
Jake wonders if that special something that brought him to adventure gaming as a kid has vanished from modern games. Everyone tries to figure out what that "special something" is, and how to get it back.

That's all for now!

Remember, these are popular threads about adventure gaming in general! If you want to find a thread relating to a specific game, don't hesitate to search the forums. Also, if you're looking for opinions on specific titles, don't forget to check the reader review forums.

I'm sure I missed some areas entirely. If I missed anything huge, please drop me a Private Message so I can add it to the list! Enjoy!

Also, if you were for some reason curious as to which post on the forums was the funniest, it's here.


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