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mosquito 05-30-2005 01:13 PM

Still Life.

I've just started Black Mirror.

Bruno_Malta 05-31-2005 06:11 AM

In the order that i will play then:

1. Moment of Silence
2. Sanitarium
3. Myst 4

Iguana 05-31-2005 06:56 AM


The Gabriel Knight series isn't hard to find at all. The compilation of GK1-2 is still floating around and GK3 is still available almost anywhere.
Where? I need Store names, I haven't been so lucky to see any of them :\

Bruno_Malta 05-31-2005 06:59 AM

I think that AMAZON has it. At least, the third one.

Mimus 05-31-2005 07:11 AM

Still Life, when it arrives (hopefully it should have arrived on my doorstep this morning... :D).

I still need to finish Myst IV when I get the chance as well. Apart from that I'm pretty much up-to-date apart from a couple of pending non-adventures.

SakSquash 05-31-2005 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by Iguana
Where? I need Store names, I haven't been so lucky to see any of them :\

Oh you can get them, you'll just have to pay out your ass for them!

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