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Default Broken Sword 4 - plot expectations

Just finished the third part and it made me realize for -ieth time realize how i like the whole game trilogy! I really don't care if the nex part will be 3d, 2d, or text parser (provided the voiceovers still remain!!) So, let's leave that argument aside, shall we?
I just can't help wondering what can be the next twist of fate for George and Nico. Will they get married, as George hinted? Or just remain in those shaky Mulder\Scully "almost in love" premises?

As for the plot. The templar theme has kinda resolved itself and IMHO can't be exploited further (for the sake of plot freshness), at least not in the way they did that before.
But still, it shouldn't become one of those abstract Syberia-style plots. "Saving the world" theme is just natural for George and Nico, because a man and a woman have the powers, know what I mean?! Suppose now that George has been through such a transcendental ordeal as accepting the archetype of George the Dragon Slayer, being knighed and all, they could go exploring the myth even further!

Say, George could gain the timeless psychic powers and on certain locations he could perceive the events of the past as well as take part in them, while Nico acting in the present (Day of Tentacles sort of parallel action).

What do you think? Should we suggest that to the team?
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Originally Posted by b34tp03t
Or just remain in those shaky Mulder\Scully "almost in love" premises?
The wierd thing about the Broken Sword Trilogy's reputation is this particular idea of George and Nico being "almost in love".

At the end of the first the looked like they were pretty much in love, "end of story".

In the Broken Sword II, George had been away for a while, but still, at the end, it appeared like they would get back together.

Then when the third game was to be realeased, a lot of magazines and people on forums started talking about "Will this third game answer the George-Nico question?".

To me it never seemed like there had been much of a question about it.
Maybe I just didn't notice.
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I think that in BS 4 George and Nico will go on vacation to see the NIAGARA FALLS and then they will discover that a sinister plot is afoot. Sinister man are stealing the Niagara Falls water to sell on the india/gipse market as a healing for drunkness ( you know, indians live drunked). But in truth, the waters of the falls are healing because is is the resting place of an Angel who falled from heaven and knows where the Holy Grail is hiding. The Geoge races across the globe in search of the Hole Grail wich he discovers latter is just a symbology for the son of Crist. In the end, George meets Gabriel Knight and they both fight against the makers of those dammed boxes from BS 3.
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