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Default Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the Servants RELEASED

Just wanted to let everyone know I have finally finished Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of Servants! Here's some info...

************************************************** ********************** ***

Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the Servants

San Diego, CA - February 23rd. - WRF Studios today releases a new PC adventure for Windows®.

Dr. Muretta has died and left behind a secret she has taken to her grave. A secret that her daughter cannot live without!

A dark spirit, spawned through the death of a cursed monkey, has governed the deserted New Orleans estate of the late Dr. Muretta and her family for over fifty years. The ancient voices of the black world exist here among the ashes of the dead, where a new story is born and the graves of a thousand monkeys set the eerie backdrop for a terrifying exploration into terror.

The latest installment to "The Last Half of Darkness" story, the new title offers a spine-tingling story of terror, mysterious puzzles and bizarre imagery. Summoned to a world of voodoo and black magic, the player must explore a ghostly New Orleans estate and local town to solve the riddles of the darkness left behind.

Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the Servants is developed by WRF Studios. Visit to preview the trailer, download a small playable demo, view screen-shots, or read more information.
************************************************** ********************** *****

Thanks - I hope everyone enjoys the game!
William R Fisher III
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Oh, did you make this game?

I didn't mean to offend you, please accept my apology

The game looks cool and scary though

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Thanks for posting your news. I'll be sure to check it out.

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Looks great! I'll be ordering my copy once I get home tonight. (My boss frowns upon me shopping online at work and since he already frowns upon me for posting on forums during work time I'd better watch myself. Now that I think of it, I better ACTUALLY get back to work now anyways). ...bysmitty
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Several years ago I played what appeared to be a demo of this game on-line, then shortly later I got it on a CD. However, for some reason I could never get the game to run, even though my machine easily exceeded the technical requirements. So I put the game away and pretty much forgot about it until I heard recently that the game was again being released.

So my questions are these: Is this the same game that I got several years ago, a graphically improved and slightly tweaked edition? Or is it a sequel to the original? Is it an entirely new storyline and characters set in the same gameworld? Or has it been completely re-written and redone, in essense an altogether different game?

By the way, I went out to the game's website, and re-played the demo; as far as I can recall, it is unchanged from when I first played it.

Finally, will this game hit the shelves of COMP-USA and other stores, or only be available over the website?

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Guyper: Yes I made the game. You didnt offend. Its cool... I accept.

Thanks bysmitty and fov.

Antoinetta: If you want, you're welcome to email me - maybe I can help you get the old version to work? This game uses an entirely different engine. Please try demo first to see if it will work on your system. Unfortunately, It will not be in stores anytime soon - but I am trying to find a publisher for in-store distribution.

It's pretty much a completely new game with new story, new graphics, new sounds, new locations, new characters, etc. - (However, part of it does take place in a creepy house, so there may be a few tiny similarities to the old 2000 version)

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