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View Poll Results: Do you like "Action" with your adventures
No action for me please. 56 58.95%
I'd like to see a mix. Let's adventure and kill some bad guys!!! 37 38.95%
DOOM 3 is an adventure game. 2 2.11%
Voters: 95. You may not vote on this poll

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We should tolerate more lactose in adventure gaming.
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I have yet to play an adventure game that makes me fart.
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Originally Posted by Intrepid Homoludens
I have yet to play an adventure game that makes me fart.
Well, I had to fart once when I laughed very hard. So a comedy game could definately do that

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Well, I'm an advocate of the action/adventure genre, and I think some of today's finest games come from that genre, but I certainly am not looking for any action in the middle of my point-and-click. I'd like to see more action/adventures with the same character-oriented stories and clever dialogue that our holy genre is the undisputed monarch of, and I would also like to see more point-and-clicks, but I see no reason to combine the two.

Beyond Good and Evil is of course the best recent example of a great action/adventure that incorporates a lot of adventure elements, but it is far from a point-and-click. I think this sort of thing ought to be encouraged, and it has succeeded in other cases as well (Primal for one, and also Psychonauts, which, while distinctly a platformer, still has everything I love about Schafer games).

Modern gaming is frequently lacking in wit, classic characters, and good dialogue. These things other genres should borrow from adventures, but adventures already have them, and really need not change at all, except making the experience smoother (more interfaces like Curse of Monkey Island, less like Grim Fandango or earlier titles with twelve different actions). Pointing and clicking has never been complex, and it needn't be, because adventures are about exploring and conversing and discovering, not jumping and running and hitting things with sticks.

So I'd say if any action-oriented genre wants to use adventure elements, they most certainly should, but the reverse is not true.
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Advenutre games are for quick thinking, not quick reflexes. Then again, I love the QFG series, which makes me a bit of a hypocrite. I guess it depends on how the action is incorporated into the game. I remember hating the action sequences in Rise of the Dragon. They really pissed me off for some reason.
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Originally Posted by Intrepid Homoludens
I have yet to play an adventure game that makes me fart.
Abe's Oddyse (yes, I know I spelt that wrong) or Exoddus?

On the real issue, I think that it has to be said that those on this forum who don't like action are the minority. Games such as 'Fahrenheit' and the upcoming 'TLC2: Dreamfall' as well as 80 Days (which looks like it has some kind of racing game going on) are all showing that, to the publishers, action is the way forward.

But that's okay for me, I hate 3D adventures. Bring on 2D - Vampyre Story, A Whisperd World, Crescent Moon etc.
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Originally Posted by Terramax
On the real issue, I think that it has to be said that those on this forum who don't like action are the minority.
Actually, according to the poll we are majority
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I would say if it's REALLY necessary. I mean, this is the reason why people play adventures not action games. They want either just concentrate on logic or just relax their brains.
Personally, I don't like action because I don't want to stress for some game. But, if it's worth it, I will do it (after some cigarettes ). Fahrenheit is the proof.
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