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-Broken Sword 1's goat (stupid puzzle fin one of the greatest games)
-Jack Orlando, every single one of 'em (stupid puzzles in a stupid game).
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Originally Posted by MadTricks View Post
wow i encountered one frustrating puzzle for me today.
I was playing NiBuRu.

And i was in office, hacking with Barbora's Computer. I tryied all the passwords i could come up.
Finally I checked walkthrough (bad thing to do)..and this "great" cat(Felix) picture on table,turned upside-down..jaaai...How the hell i had to come up on that? So password was Felix backwards.

I don't know you guys but that was hard-one. But now later it makes all sense....Just...*sigh*
Ahh, one of the few puzzles I actually did find very quickly. There was another puzzle in the game though, that I found extremely hard. Can't remember it @ the moment, but I used a walkthrough to solve that one.
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The puzzle in Monkey Island 4, when you have to get that skin and put it on the open vent )
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Just replayed Shivers last night. The Chinese checkers and pinball puzzles in that game are killer. I tinkered around with 'em for a few hours and eventually just resorted to a walkthrough (I make no particular claim to being a "hardcore" gamer ). After reading online for awhile though, I got the distinct impression that most people used a walkthrough for those two puzzles, so hey, I don't feel so bad now.
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