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djkarstenv 04-14-2012 12:39 PM

The Two Guys from Andromeda return (and launch Kickstarter campaign)
Hey all,

I dunno if any of you know this but it looks like Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy are teaming up once again for a brand new space adventure game. I am quite excited about this, yet I hope this isn't a joke.

It seems the old Sierra family strikes back!

diego 04-14-2012 12:55 PM

If someone recognizes those two as the original designers, they're certainly not joking.

TalC2 04-14-2012 01:01 PM

Yet another kickstarter on its way. This is starting to get tiresome.

Banter 04-14-2012 01:30 PM

Great news. Will support.

By the looks of it though, it won't be a new Wilco adventure, but rather a new series. They are probably going to try the same thing Jensen and Lowe are doing: get funding, make a successfull game, get enough market cred to license back the rights to their creation from activision/whatever.

TalC2: Why is kickstarter hurting in your butt? Don't you like old adventures? Are you not excited that your funding can bring back those games?

Collector 04-14-2012 01:30 PM

It's real.

Fien 04-14-2012 01:38 PM

Count me out. I want to have some money left for Tex.
Where the hogs are many, the wash is poor.

Kolorabi 04-14-2012 01:59 PM

I guess I'll have some spare change for these guys, though I never did like Space Quest very much (funny writing but pretty lousy gameplay most of the time). Like Fien I'm saving my money for Tex Murphy, and the only ex-Sierra folks who could compete with him are Lori and Corey Cole.

thejobloshow 04-14-2012 03:29 PM

I was told that Mark Crowe was working for another company and he couldn't get on board for something like this because of a conflict of interest.

Either way, if this is about bringing about Space Quest 7 then hell yeah count me on board. Just... space it out. Larry, Jensen and Tex are going to blow a hole in my wallet.

djkarstenv 04-14-2012 04:12 PM

I don't think this new game of theirs will be a Space Quest game, but rather (as Banter stated) a new game entirely. However, if succesful they might get closer to the Space Quest IP and therefore revive Roger Wilco from his long sleep.

I think all ex-Sierra developers are slowly jumping on the same bandwagon and starting new projects to prove to the IP holders that they can make a successful adventure game and therefore claim the rights back. As far as I know, Replay Games is only "borrowing" the Larry license from Codemasters, and therefore they can remake the old Larrys but they have to prove successful to create new ones. Jane Jensen also has to prove successful in her endeavors before she can aquire the Gabriel Knight IP and therefore continue with that series.

The more we pledge and support, the more Roger Wilco, Gabriel Knight & Larry Laffer (NOT Larry Lovage!!!) get to see the light of day!


lobotomy42 04-14-2012 07:42 PM

That video is weird, and not terribly promising. And this is coming from someone with a Roger Wilco as his forum avatar.

MrOslo 04-14-2012 08:19 PM

I'm loving that these game designers from the Sierra glory days are making a new go for it. Space Quest was never my favorite, but I've played them all and will definatly support the guys from Andromeda. I just hope they wait till Al's and Jane's kickstarters are done, if they plan to do the same.

But this is really a dream come true for adventure game fans, if we can look forward to regurlarly releases from these designers. And I dont think they'll be asking for Kickstarters for EVERY game, just in the beginning to get a, well, a kickstart! :)

ozzie 04-14-2012 08:56 PM

If this will be a Kickstarter, which is not guaranteed so far, then I hope they're being a bit smarter with the timing and wait for it after the Tex Murphy campaign.
If they start it in a week, then I don't think I will pledge. I was never much of a fan of the Space Quest games, I already pledged too much money on various projects and I keep some back for Tex Murphy.

JuntMonkey 04-14-2012 09:29 PM


Originally Posted by lobotomy42 (Post 607876)
That video is weird, and not terribly promising. And this is coming from someone with a Roger Wilco as his forum avatar.

They look fake, as if somebody took pictures of the two guys and did the Conan O'Brien style lip-moving.

Is there any confirmation of this from either of the two (do they have a web presence etc.)? The whole situation definitely seems weird as hell given that Replay was supposedly just speaking with them last week and the Mark Crowe conflict of interest thing. Plus Murphy, in interviews, has said that Crowe was not a good guy and he wouldn't want to work with him again (there's a chance I have the wrong guy here).

But now suddenly a company is all set up already?

Edit: Solid interview with Scott from a few years ago, in which he speaks negatively about Mark:

MoP 04-14-2012 09:38 PM

Josh Mandel confirmed this in the Larry comments:

Originally Posted by Josh Mandel
Well, the last I'd heard, yes, Mark was at Pipeworks...and that was just a few weeks ago.

But I've just finished talking to Mark, and I can tell you that it's 100% real. He and Scott are teaming up again to make a new space adventure. PLEASE support them by spreading the word.

A couple of things, and these are based on my very preliminary discussions. One: this is NOT a Space Quest. Activision still owns the rights to SQ. Rather, it is a new space adventure...but not SQ.

Second, I don't have any indication yet that this game will be done through Kickstarter.

Gonzosports 04-14-2012 10:06 PM

That video is epic. Epically TERRIBLE.

It's awful.

that being said, I support the genre, so I'll support them in anyway I can.

That being said, I just tried to like "Spaceventure" and "Two Guys from Andromeda" on Facebook and they're nowhere to be found.

Fien 04-14-2012 11:13 PM

I hadn't watched the video. Now I have. Yes, AWFUL. I find it hard to believe that's not some kind of joke. I also skimmed the interview with Scott at adventure classic gaming (link in JuntMonkey's post). Incredible. Not in a million years will I pledge money to someone who talks about his co-developer and others the way he does:

Would I want to work with Mark again? No, I don't think so. As I learned the hard way, Mark was not a very good partner in the long run. When he decided to go to Sierra's Dynamix division, he didn't have the decency to tell me he was leaving until we were headed to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. The only reason he told me then was that I was inevitably going to see him talking with Dynamix management personnel about the move while we were out there. I lost a lot of respect for him, and then lost more when I learned some other things about him a couple of years later from people I am not at liberty to name who made me understand that he had loyalty to only himself. I was really bummed to learn what he was really like, or what he'd become.
When we worked on the games together and did interviews I would compliment him to the media about how great he was at what he could do with a few pixels, that he was the best in the business, but never in my memory did ever say a single good thing about what I did, and I spent a hell of a lot more time on the games than he did, not to mention the VAST majority of the writing. I was very disillusioned with him for that.

@Gonzosports: Yes, they are on Facebook. I clicked some link and there they were. The twitter link didn't work.

inm8#2 04-15-2012 12:00 AM

thejobloshow 04-15-2012 12:14 AM

I try not to get caught up in the personal gossip of developers. Clearly if they're together now it represents they buried the hatchet somewhat.

If Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe go to Kickstarter I only want to know if they have a track record of delivering games on time and on budget.

inm8#2, add Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert to that image. Who the hell could have predicted this? I didn't even see Capcom coming with Ace Attorney let alone EVERY PERSON I LIKED GROWING UP making a comeback.

LauraKat 04-15-2012 12:17 AM


Originally Posted by inm8#2 (Post 607897)

This is so very true!

When I first read this thread I started to feel a bit of the kickstarter fatigue (I assume it's coming), but then I scrolled to the bottom and saw that image and got a big grin on my face. It's pretty awesome really that we're getting the opportunity to see so many of the greats making adventure games again. I can be a bit too optimistic sometimes but every now and then I feel like we're watching something really amazing happening. Who knows, perhaps we are on the horizon of a new dawn for adventure games.

Fien 04-15-2012 12:28 AM


Originally Posted by thejobloshow (Post 607899)
I try not to get caught up in the personal gossip of developers. Clearly if they're together now it represents they buried the hatchet somewhat.

The message I'm getting here and in other threads is: You can trust the Big Names because they're Big Names. But if you put your trust in less well-known project creators and they take a loooooong tim to deliver, well that's your own fault for not Goooogling enough and not noticing shortcomings.


If Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe go to Kickstarter I only want to know if they have a track record of delivering games on time and on budget.
I assume you've done your research, so have they? And let's not forget they were employed at the time, not independent developers.

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