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Adventurere No.1 04-08-2012 07:45 AM

A call for more Kickstarters ...
no doubt that Tim had started something great (reliable and actually needed) as a role model for a lot of others to follow....

and since AGamers is the number one Site and the effective as a world Wide resource for All Adventure Gamers and nevertheless the Developers , i would like to give a call from here to Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy and Jim Walls to take their Share in this kickstarters

and hope they would hear me.

seems like 2012 gonna be a great year for the Adventures Scene

Arial Type 04-08-2012 08:38 AM

I think there were enough of official and unofficial Space Quests already. Incinerations alone is as good as the best SQ games, and it's free. What more could Crowe and Murphy add to the saga? All the sci-fi classics were parodied thousands of times in different media.

zane 04-08-2012 08:43 AM

The very last thing we need is more kickstarters that havnt been thought out completely.

wilco 04-08-2012 08:58 AM

This kickstarter thing is so new that its quite difficult to see where this is going. This Jane Jensen and Al Lowe stuff are interesting because they are 2 very different propositions to the model that could shed some light in what is possible.
I doubt there will another adventure game project that will get to 3million.
The Tex Murphy project looks like it will be a very thoughtful project giving its timetable (Personally, its the one im most looking forward to).

Its a model that is probably here to stay a new way to get some funding in indie projects so thats always a good thing, but it will probably take some time to see how it will work for most cases.

Adventurere No.1 04-08-2012 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by zane (Post 606898)
The very last thing we need is more kickstarters that havnt been thought out completely.

why not, that mustn't be now , but something like giving a chance for all the classic designers whom had been sleeping for a long while to hit the road again
.. maybe it well encourage them someway, anyhow if they see posters here calling for them and they would surely feel appreciated ,you never know maybe the Williams themselves would change their mind...
besides i am not sure that all those happening kickstarters will see the light at the end .. so the more we have the more chances we/they get

diego 04-08-2012 09:06 AM

Wishing list: (if there's no other way for it, but a Kickstarter)

- Presto guys back with new Journeyman Project game, or at least fan-project that was canceled - not this one

- Broken Sword 5 in lovely hand-drawn style. Revisiting Paris in the Fall. Clowns. History. Romance. Mystery. (oh wait, Revolution guys already working on this? Scratch this one)

- All LucasArts and Sierra licences bought by people and companies who care for it - not every game needs remake or sequel, though.

- Revistronic getting back on track with Fenimore Fillmore series. Something like a super-blend of all the best from each of the games.

offtopic: OUTLAWS 2!!!

Lhurgoyf 04-08-2012 09:23 AM

Monkey Island 5 with the hand-drawn art style of MI3, with some catchy pirate songs! Sorry Telltale, but the episodic MI wasn't very good....

wilco 04-08-2012 09:23 AM

There is always room for a new Space Quest!

Oscar 04-08-2012 09:48 AM

Gobliiiiins. That's all ;)

Luther10 04-08-2012 10:02 AM

You know what game I really want brought back to life with kickstarter? That 3rd video reality game by Southpeak Interactive, 20000 leagues under the sea. The first 2 games, Temujin and Dark Side of the Moon, have their ups and downs, but I was still looking forward to this game back then. Base on the making of trailer, a lot of the live action footage and in game graphics were already shot and done before being cancelled. I guess the team ran out of budget near the end. :frown:

edit: ok, gave this a bit more thought... kickstarter is not going to work... it's just a popularity contest lol... and these games are surely not popular...

Banter 04-08-2012 10:07 AM

There will certainly be new kickstarters, I just hope the developers have the strategy and good sense not to "overcrowd". So far the situation is really good, but if everyone jumps into it at once thinks will get harder.

What the Tex Murphy guys did was pretty clever. Announce it but wait a couple of months. Make sure the ground is clear.

inm8#2 04-08-2012 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by zane (Post 606898)
The very last thing we need is more kickstarters that havnt been thought out completely.

Or more threads about Kickstarters and adventures when there are already at least two.

Adventurere No.1 04-08-2012 10:44 AM


Originally Posted by Banter (Post 606912)

What the Tex Murphy guys did was pretty clever. Announce it but wait a couple of months. Make sure the ground is clear.

i didnt know but sounds very clever indeed

inm8#2 i think you have potential you should use at the thread must die thread , nothing worse than a wasted talent

Lee in Limbo 04-08-2012 11:10 PM

I was going to throw my hat in the ring, even though I'm not a known quantity like Tim or Al or Jane, but I can't get funding directly from Kickstarter because I live in Canada, and can't afford to be throwing money around trying to open Us accounts and such. Very frustrating. However, I do hope that there isn'tany such 'fatigue' yet. The industry and the crowdfunding model need each other right now.

thejobloshow 04-09-2012 12:03 AM

Don't get tired yet folks, we still need to help Tex Murphy out. I imagine that's going to be a stressful one too since FMV games ain't cheap.

DomStLeger 04-09-2012 02:30 AM

I think both the Kickstarter phenomenon AND this supposed 'fatigue' are a bit overstated in my opinion; the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Kickstarter is a great idea for funding these small scale projects; but it will never by a replacement for the big publishers to fund so called "AAA" titles or most "AA" titles; I just can't see it consistently reaching into the millions for multiple projects except when big personalities or names are involved (for example I think if LucasArts came looking for money for Monkey Island you'd get a repeat and then some more of the DoubleFine effect).

However I certainly don't agree with this fatigue thing. I've pledged for three projects (DoubleFine, Jane Jensen and Larry). To be honest I probably won't want to play all of these games, but I know these people make quality games and I want to support them. This is a new idea and has sparked a lot of "me-toos", but that will die down and what we will get is occasional projects to think about with an invaluable route to market.

And the way I see it, I'm just paying the price I'd pay to Steam or Amazon or the high-street shops up-front, with the developer getting all my money instead of 20 middle-men - that alone is a big plus for me! I won't be getting fatigued with that value for my money.

(P.S. I hope revolution software decide to kickstart something in the future!)

Bad Asp 04-09-2012 07:25 AM

Kickstarter - reopening the door to classic LucasArts Sam and Max?
2012 isn't even over yet, and it may be THE year of graphic adventure games thanks to Kickstarter (and of course, Double Fine Adventure). Because of this, Al Lowe and Jane Jensen are jumping on the bandwagon!

My hope is that Steve Purcell will use Kickstarter too and maybe find some way to bring back Sam and Max Hit the Road and/or Freelance Police. I know that it seems virtually impossible for him since LucasArts has the rights to them and they cost like a lot of money... but if he actually HAD a lot of money... and a lot of devoted fans willing to back the project?

What are your thoughts on this? Would Kickstarter be a great way to do this?

Adventurere No.1 04-09-2012 07:51 AM

its a great but why would you think that kickstaters should only get the use of Trade Marks
i think that it is more like kick for all the forgotten classics designers that the new generation did not have the luck to live their days.

but if its going to be like this Hollywood Flu of remakes and 3Ds for old movie, then i guess they (developers ,designers) should think twice .. and start looking new ideas ,New (TM)

tsampikos 04-09-2012 08:08 AM

There are many collectors out there who would like to have a retail version of a game in a reasonable price. the Kickstarter Projects do not exactly offer that. But all in all a good solution for adventure games development.

cbman 04-09-2012 10:30 AM

I'd rather have new developers doing new things.

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