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Default Does anyone ever read dialogue transcripts?

Some adventure games has a special menu where you can read ALL the dialogues that has been said in the game, presumably the purpose of which is in case you forgot what someone told you and you don't want to walk back to him/her (or perhaps you don't even have access to that particular dialogue again).

I'm curious, does anyone EVER use that feature?

I know that Gabriel Knight 2 had a puzzle which specifically involved using the transcripts (in his case his audio-recordings), but I mean apart from things like that, does anyone use it for its normal intended purpose?

Seems like something I can easily skip for my own games, just curious if that's something that would annoy some people.
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I used one just the other day in L.A. Noire, it had been a while since I played and I needed to remind myself what the case was about.

Also I used these quite a bit in a game called Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life... but that was mainly because the dialogues went on forever and I found it more enjoyable to click through them and then read the transcript. But I would have preferred better/shorter dialogue in the first place....
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i remember Art of Murder had that but with limitation ,shown at Nicole diaries.
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The Prima Guide to The 7th Guest actually includes the entire shooting script to the game. It was good reading but it helps that I love that game though.
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