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I didn't think it was possible, but ever since Runaway, Pendulo has made increasingly cringe-inducing games with a nauseating indie-hipster style, annoying trendy Mac interface and a cartoon graphics looking like they was designed for three year olds. I never thought I would be yearning for another Runaway 1 over this nonsense.
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Old 04-14-2012, 03:31 PM   #42
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I just played through Yesterday, and I loved it. Of course the length was disappointing as I was enjoying it so much, but a short enjoyable game that plays well is much better than a long, unpolished, boring game any day of the week.

I loved the art style combined with the dark subject matter, it felt like I was playing a graphic novel. The controls and the partially unvoiced descriptions added to this, which makes me think it was a conscious decision on Pendulo's part, and not due to a lack of resources.

I was happy to give Pendulo my money in exchange for such an enjoyable experience

Did everyone else wait until after the credits? There was a little extra for those patient people. And it was different for each ending too.
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couldnt agree with you more Oscar i felt the same way with Runaway 2: Dream fo the Turtle, that game completely lost its marbles after the 1st game i dont know why i played the whole game it was just a annoying mess the whole way through imo and with an abrupt clifffhanger ending that neevr felt like you would play a 3rd game. Im not sure about this game since its very short i think id wait for it to fall alot in price on steam since ive heard its only about 4 hours long, atleast the main character doesnt look annoying like those from Runaway 2
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i found this really disappointing. Not only was it the shortest adventure game i've played in years, with only a couple of hours of gameplay, but the interface was clunky and over simplistic, and the plot was disjointed to the extreme.

Also, there were four endings, although most of them were pretty similar.
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Originally Posted by MoonBird View Post
A newly developed adventure game without a full voice-acting doesn't deserve my money. We live the year 2012, not 1992!
I wouldn't count a game out just because it doesn't have voice acting. I just played Metal Dead and it has no voice acting but it's still one of the better adventures I've played. Having no voice acting won't make a good game bad. I prefer no voice acting over bad voice acting. I say to any company, if you can't afford decent actors then don't bother with any voice acting. I'm old enough to read.
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